Following the International Conference on Carbon Monoxide Risk Assessment and Risk Management, which took place in Canada in 2016, participants agreed to create a network to facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing between researchers and other stakeholders. This led to the foundation of ICORN (International Carbon Monoxide Research Network).

ICORN’s focus is on improving peoples’ safety, health and well-being through research, technology and innovation.  This is done by: 

  • Producing evidence and data for regulators and policymakers.
  • Promoting the adoption of emerging technologies.
  • Facilitating global collaboration between experts.

As part of its ongoing commitment to advancing the cause of carbon monoxide research ICORN proposes to hold a virtual annual conference, where researchers and other stakeholders can meet with their peers globally. This week-long series of afternoon lectures and workshops will provide a collaborative space for knowledge-sharing and project initiation.

Workshops and lectures will be based around a daily theme and attendees will be able to attend whichever elements are relevant to them. With an international and UK reach, we anticipate approximately 50 delegates to our 2021 conference.

The conference will be an immersive interactive virtual experience rivalling our previous face-to-face forums. With acclaimed keynote speakers, panel discussions, poster sessions and a virtual exhibition space as well as the advantages of increased accessibility, live streaming and digital question and answer sessions, ICORN looks forward to welcoming you to this unique virtual event.

ICORN’s specific activities are:

  • Promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration relating to carbon monoxide poisoning risk assessment and management on an international basis.
  • Identifying areas of opportunities for research relating to a better understanding of the scale, causes, risks and prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Coordinating work being carried out for the purposes of establishing a global health burden fund associated with carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Seeking funding to initiate research relating to carbon monoxide poisoning risk assessment and management.
  • Providing expertise to national and international stakeholders including government and health agencies, on carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Establishing expert committees for the purpose of collaborating and knowledge sharing in relation to specific areas relating to carbon monoxide poisoning risk assessment and management.
  • Coordinating and managing international research and prevention-related work on carbon monoxide poisoning risk assessment and management initiated through the network.
  • Contributing to efforts to increase awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning in the general public, globally and in the countries in which ICORN members are based.

The Network is Chaired by the UK Peer, Professor the Baroness Finlay of Llandaff.